Are Men’s Side Partings Making a Triumphant Return?

We’ve all seen them, side partings were in fashion during the 70’s and we’re actually seeing signs of them coming back. David Beckham occasionally sports a side parting, and if that’s no reason to get one we don’t know what is.

There’s also Ryan Gosling ho’s been a big hit in terms of side partings. Not only has he made it seem acceptable again, but he can hold down a fierce striking character portrayal whilst having one. A few years back if a man had a side panting, he would probably have been insulted for having an out of date hairstyle.


However, with skinny jeans returning, bob haircuts for women, platform shoes; it’s not actually that surprising the side parting has returned. To combine a modern hair style with a traditional look, a fade can incorporated in to a men’s cut whilst the hair on top is brushed in the form of a side parting. If you’re thinking about smartening yourself up, this could be the look for you.