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How to Avoid a Dry Scalp

A dry scalp can be problematic all year round, as it can be triggered and worsened by either very hot or very cold weather. It could also be neither of these things, and you may just find that you have very dry skin, including the skin on your head. Luckily, there are things you can do to make it better.

Use a moisturising shampoo or one that is specifically for flaky scalps. Don’t confuse a dry scalp with dandruff, as they are two very different things. if you’re unsure, ask your hairdresser. Dandruff shampoo is likely to make a dry scalp worse.

Use a hair mask. Applying a nourishing hair mask every few weeks will help make your hair soft, and also moisturise your scalp.

Don’t scratch. Whatever you do, resist the urge to scratch if your scalp feels itchy. It really won’t help and will encourage skin to flake.

Having a Hair Treatment in a Salon

Salon hair treatments are much better than those you can buy and apply yourself at home. They will use much better ingredients and they will be much more beneficial for your hair. If you are struggling with dry, damaged hair, ask your stylist about having a treatment applied at your next appointment.

Treatments can be used for man different reasons. Some will help to make your colour last longer, whereas others will simply make your hair soft and shiny. They don’t have to be too expensive either. Sometimes, you may decide to go home with a treatment on your hair rather than having it blow dried and styled. You will be able to leave it on for longer, meaning it can do more good work for your hair. You will be able to wash it out when you are ready and your hair will feel amazing. Just remember to cover your hair before you leave.

Massaging Your Scalp to Help With Hair Growth

If you are carrying out your own scalp massage then start by choosing the right massage oil for you. There are numerous oils out there on the market but select the oil which is appropriate to your hair problem. Then warm the oil. Do this by placing it in a small dish and placing this over a bowl of hot water.

Then dip your fingers in this oil and apply it to all areas of your scalp before starting the massage. To get the best results start by massaging around your temples (hairline) and make your way to the back of your head by kneading and rubbing your fingers in a circular action. Don’t press down to forcefully; start carefully and then gradually increase the pressure on your scalp.

Make sure you massage the sides as well as the top of your head until the whole of your scalp is fully conditioned. Increasing the pressure will remove dead skin cells and boost your circulation. Leave the oil on the scalp for around 30 minutes and then wash your hair.

Argan Oil

Do you have embarrassing dandruff? Are you sick of using shampoos for it that don’t even work? Or is your dead hair making you nervous to even style it? Then bring back and maintain shiny soft hair! The key ingredient you should look for when browsing hair products is argan oil. It’s no secret that hair products that contain this popular Moroccan oil does wonders! After shampooing and conditioning, apply a generous amount of oil onto your hair and scalp (this will also help you with an itchy or dry scalp), followed by gently massaging your scalp. But be careful not to put to much, you don’t want to walk around looking like a grease ball. If you want to prevent your hair frizzing, you can apply a few drops as well after it is dry. This specific beauty treatment has been proven very effective, causing more companies with their hair products to contain argan oil just for the appeal.