Beautiful Autumnal Shades for your Hair

Just like the seasons, fashions change. Hair colours that might have looked wonderful in summer – bright blondes, silvery tones and highlights – will be replaced by fashionable autumnal tones towards the end of the year. People naturally lean towards shades that suit the seasons as well as their personal tastes, as these will go with the clothing fashions too.

Some of the most popular autumnal shades are:

  • Rich, deep brunettes. Autumn can be a great time to go darker. If you are not feeling as brave with this look, some darker lowlights could be a good first step.
  • Copper tones. All over coppers and auburn shades can look stunning, shining in the late autumn sun. Equally, coppery tones blended through with your natural colour can look stunning.
  • Reds. If you want a stronger red colour, then this could be the option for you. Pick your tones out with your hairdresser to suit you.

Don’t be Tempted to Colour your Own Hair

If it is difficult to get the the hairdressers, this is still not a reason to colour your own hair. You will never be able to achieve a professional result and it will be obvious that you have coloured your own hair, rather than going to a professional. This is because a professional will be able to spread the colour evenly throughout your hair. They will also be able to apply the colour for the exact amount of time needed for it to develop in different areas. For example, if your roots are a different colour to the rest of your hair, they will apply colour to them and let it develop for a very specific amount of time – different to the lengths where the shade may be different.

Even if you have roots showing through and you feel like your hair is in desperate need of a new colour, it is always worth waiting until you can visit a hair salon and see your hairdresser.

Hair Colour: Part of your Identity

Hair colour is very much a part of your identity. It shouldn’t be underestimated how important this is – having a hair colour that suits you and that makes you feel more confident is definitely something that everybody wants, and deserves to have. You can work with your hairdresser to find the right colour for you and make sure it’s one that will make you feel your best.

If you have ideas that you’d like to explore with your hair colour, take in photos to show your hairdresser. If it is possible with your hair colour and type, they will be able to tell you how long it might take to achieve it. Always listen to the opinion of your hairdresser. They’re a trained stylist and they will know exactly what they’re doing. It’s simply not possible for you to achieve a healthy hair colour that you can be proud of without their help.

A Hair-Friendly Colour Change

Is the concept of a hair-friendly colour change completely out of the question? It’s not out of the question, but it might take some consideration if you want to do it properly. For example, you won’t be able to go from dark brunette to blonde in just one sitting and keep your hair healthy. Here are some things you can do to achieve a healthy colour change:

  • Do it gradually. You don’t need to achieve your dream colour in one appointment. You can get there gradually, which will be much kinder on your hair. This is especially true if you are going from dark to light.
  • Take the advice of your hairdresser. Follow the advice they give you and work towards your new colour in the way that your professional stylist recommends.
  • Use colour-friendly products. Make sure you invest in good hair care products to keep your hair healthy during and after the colour change process.

Winter Haircare Advice and Tips

Winter can be a tough time on your hair, in terms of making sure it looks good and in terms of keeping it in good condition. The rain, damp and cold air will make it particularly difficult to keep your hair looking sleek and smooth, and the harshness of the weather can give you very damaged hair and split ends. It’s possible to keep your hair in good condition through the winter, but it will just take some work and some consideration on your part.

Make sure you are using a shampoo that is good for your hair, so check it works in the way you want it to. If you have particularly dry of frizzy hair, this is only going to be made worse in winter, so choose a shampoo that will help you out here.

You should also work to make your hair less prone to breakage and damage. Use a rich and nourishing hair mask around once a month until the cold passes.