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Beard Care Guide

If like many men in the United Kingdom and the world who have decided to bring back the beard in all its glory, will realise that it does take some work, care and attention to keep it looking like a glossy GQ-esque well pruned man mane it is. If you do not have a clue, fear not we shall endeavour to enlighten you on some treatments and procedures to help you stay “grizzly-chic”.

If you have a tache and/or a beard, investing in some natural moustache wax could help change the game. From adding body and shine to keeping hold of manic out of control facial fuzz the moustache wax holds everything in place while giving scope to shape, re-design and mould.


Next thing you could get a specific beard grooming comb and scissors to help manage any out of control growth combined with a beard razor for your desired facial hair style. If all else fails and you decide that you don’t want to do it yourself there are many specialist barber shops and salons that could help you out.

Why it’s Important to Not Overwork your Hair

Overworked Hair

Overworking your hair with hair products, or heat can do damage in the long run. Healthy looking hair will appear healthy because it is. By this we mean that the more products you use in your hair, the less natural and healthy it will be.

Gliding your fingers though your hair is not easy when it’s coated in wax or gel, and whilst your style may hold, it won’t appear healthy. Straighteners and hair curlers can singe the tips of your hair and leave the ends dead, but by forming a style that allows your curls to bounce freely, you can have healthier hair in the process, without overworking it.

Special occasions may be the times when a man or a woman feels the need to overwork their hair, perhaps they want a style to hold, or they want to look as though they have made an effort. This is fine, but you should not overwork the hair on a daily basis, because it can cause complications in the long run.

Professional Hair Styling Products

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Hair Styling Products for Women and Men

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