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A Guide to Curling your Hair

Curls add volume and interest to any style. They can be created in hair of various lengths, making this a popular style for ladies with long and short hair. Here are some tips to create beautiful curls, however you decide to style them:

1. Use a curling iron. Wrap the hair loosely around the heating element and hold for a few seconds. Be careful not to hold it for too long or you will damage your hair.

2. Use straightening irons. Wrap the hair around them and twist. It will take some getting used to but once you have got the technique, you will find it easy.

3. Scrunch your hair up using holding products. This will give you messy, casual look that is part way between waves and curls. Use something that will hold the style solidly in place.

If you create curls using a heated appliance, run your hands through the curls afterwards to make them loose and flowing.

Getting your Hair Ready for Spring

Spring is a time when lots of us change our wardrobes and change our hair to get ready for the warmer weather. Spring might be the perfect time to get that hairdo you have been thinking about all through the winter so if you fancy a change, why not speak to your stylist and get started? Here are some ideas for perfect sunny weather hair:

  • Get layers cut in. This will help to lighten your hair and make it easier to manage, so it’s perfect for hotter temperatures. It may also mean that you can style your hair into curls or waves, meaning you don’t have to straighten and blow dry your hair when it is just far too hot to do so.
  • Have a complete restyle. Keep cool in spring by getting a bob or shorter hairstyle cut in. If you’re feeling brave you could even get something like a pixie cut.
  • Get highlights. Golden and caramel tones will look beautiful in darker hair and will really lighten it up. They will bleach up more in the sun, so make sure you look after your highlights with lots of nourishing conditioners and treatments.

How You Should Avoid Straightening Your hair

Straightening your hair is a common practice but there are a few common mistakes people make when doing so. Read below to see if you’re a causing unnecessary harm to your hair.

Don’t think that conditioning/shampooing your hair will actually give you straight hair as it won’t. It may help with preparing with the process though. Also remember not to towel dry your hair thoroughly, instead choose the pat downwards technique.

When in the process of straightening your hair, if you see steam and/or sizzle have a look at the situation. Make sure your hair is dry when you straighten, if not this could be the reason for the sizzle.

It’s not necessary to straighten the same part of your hair more than once. It all comes down to tension.

Styling Fine Hair

We know that styling fine hair can be troublesome. The hair can look limp, frizzy, whilst you also have the added worry of trying to make your hair look like it has volume. Below are a few tips we think can help.

  • If you have a problem straightening your hair, don’t use a hair straightener. We recommend you use a blow-dryer and paddle hair brush as this will give the body of hair a filled finish.
  • When you blow-dry your hair, the best way to get volume is by standing upright and pulling your hair straight up at the roots. This will create firmer tension, giving more lift.
  • If you have problems with your hair not holding a style well, then use hair mousse beforehand.

Shaving Your Hair

If you’ve decided to shave your head for the first time, it’s a brave step you’ve decided to make! If you’re looking to have a sharp, stylish hair cut which doesn’t need maintenance, then shaving your head may be the best option for you.

We recommend you get someone else to shave your hair for you, if you’re not confident with a pair of clippers. Also it’s much easier, as a second pair of eyes come in handy when shaving the back of your head.

Before you shave your hair, it would be a good idea to shave your hair to the shortest length possible. This will help when you start to shave your head. Once you’ve shaved your head (using shaving gel), rinse your head and then use aftershave to sooth any burns you may have. It may sting a little, but you’ll feel much better after the short term pain.