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Are you Using the Right Kind of Shampoo?

Shampoo is so important. It’s probably the product that you will use most often on your hair, so choose wisely. There are lots of different kinds of shampoo around so find one that really works for your hair type.

It’s important to use a good shampoo to keep your hair in good condition. Cheap shampoos can actually cause damage to your hair, drying it out and leaving you with broken ends. A good quality shampoo will be nourishing and will leave your hair soft and smooth.

Choose a salon branded shampoo rather than one from the supermarket. This will ensure that it comes from a good company that is known for quality hair products. Your stylist will be able to recommend something for your hair.

If you colour your hair, make sure you choose a shampoo that isn’t going to fade it. There are many shampoos made specifically for this purpose so you should have plenty of choices.

Washing your Hair too often

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It is actually possible to wash your hair too often, and if you wash your hair every day, you may feel as though you’re doing the world of good for your hair but in reality you can actually be damaging it. You’re not damaging it in the same was you would with hairdryers and hair straighteners, but shampoo can strip the natural oils away, so washing every other day can be a lot better.

It can be beneficial to think of your hair as a natural fibre, because it is. The more you wash a wool jumper the worse it will appear, and that can be applied to hair. When you shower it can be tempting to dab a bit of shampoo in your hand and wash you hair, but if you start making the habit of washing your hair once every two days it will begin o look healthier.

Why go through bottle sand bottles of shampoo when you can use half the amount in a week and still have good looking hair?