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Flying Into The Future With Synthetic Feather Extensions

Feather extensions just add a whole lot of colour and glam to your hair. Some feathers are curled, some are straight and some even look like your actual hair. Flipping through fashion magazines, you’ve probably noticed plenty of starlets in these colourful accessories.

You can really strut your stuff at any party wearing bright rooster feathers, projecting a vital and edgy image. The good news for animal lovers is that today’s feather extensions are being created using synthetic heat-resistant extensions.

They look exactly the same as the original thing but there is no slaughtering of animals to achieve this affect. You look beautiful but without the cruelty. In fact, they are better because they are long lasting, they are less expensive than the real thing and there are no more tangles and knots.

You can board the feather extension bandwagon and make your entrance looking like the king rooster, but without cruelty to animals and full marks for leaving beautiful Nature as she is.