Colour Care for Hair

Hair styles change all the time. From bright colours to innovative new designs so its important to take care of your hair to ensure your make the most of your style and hair colour.

There should be a lot of thought before you decide to colour your hair as you want to be mindful not to excessively damage your hair. That can take a long time and a lot of money to achieve. If you have any concerns speak to a hair care professional before dyeing your hair.

Once you have decided to re-colour your hair you need to wash your hair under as cold water as you can take it. This helps to maintain its shine and keep it healthy. Having water on too hot will rinse out the colour and dry it out.

When your hair is first dyed (providing you have long hair) you or your haircare professional should go over it with a flat iron to secure the colour to your hair shaft. Try and avoid harsh chemicals from there on out and wait at least 48 hours after to wash your hair after its been done.

Color Care