Hair extensions

When you want instant longer hair, the only resort you have is to wear a wig or use hair extensions of some type. So we wanted to explain some tips!
Buying ‘weft’ will be cheaper as these are a section of hair (synthetic or real) that is sewn together at the top. You can then sew in extension clips, so as to make installing them faster and easier.
Make sure you pick the right length of hair; anything longer than you want will only be wasted, so you’ll waste your money.
Human hair is more expensive, but will usually look more normal with the rest of your hair, so if you can afford to, go with this option.
If you are going to wear your hair up, and want extensions in, remember to install them upside down against your roots, and to cover it with a layer of hair so that it won’t become exposed when you put your hair up.

Hair Extensions