A Guide to Curling your Hair

Curls add volume and interest to any style. They can be created in hair of various lengths, making this a popular style for ladies with long and short hair. Here are some tips to create beautiful curls, however you decide to style them:

1. Use a curling iron. Wrap the hair loosely around the heating element and hold for a few seconds. Be careful not to hold it for too long or you will damage your hair.

2. Use straightening irons. Wrap the hair around them and twist. It will take some getting used to but once you have got the technique, you will find it easy.

3. Scrunch your hair up using holding products. This will give you messy, casual look that is part way between waves and curls. Use something that will hold the style solidly in place.

If you create curls using a heated appliance, run your hands through the curls afterwards to make them loose and flowing.