The Fringe

A fringe doesn’t necessarily have to be straight cut leading down to your eyebrows, instead it can be swept across, but it’s a look that not everyone will enjoy. With a swept fringe you may find that it is a lot more difficult to control, especially if you’re hair doesn’t hold its shape very well, but if you want a fringe, with a hint of forehead, then this style could be ideal.

The swept fringe has always been a popular trend, so it is not just something that has come along very recently. If you’re regularly highlight your hair or you have a multiple colours spread though your hair, then a swept fringe can really work to flaunt all of your colours, and this means that it is actually the case for men and women.

Many men will opt for a swept fringe, and it’s still a very popular look. You just have to decide on the way you want it to sweep across.