Can you Ever Colour your Own Hair Successfully?

Colouring your hair yourself is never going to be easy. You will be beset with challenges from the very beginning – how do you reach the back? Have you sectioned your hair properly? Have you got an even covering? In short, it is not a great idea to colour your hair yourself. You should get a trained professional to do it in a hair salon.

Book into a salon that is going to be able to do a good colouring job for you. Choose one with a good reputation that is a hair colouring specialist. Book in for a consultation initially, to decide what you would like to have done.

If you do still decide to colour your own hair, make sure that you always do a skin test first. You can become allergic to hair dye at any point, so even if you have coloured your hair before, carry out a patch test.

A Guide to Curling your Hair

Curls add volume and interest to any style. They can be created in hair of various lengths, making this a popular style for ladies with long and short hair. Here are some tips to create beautiful curls, however you decide to style them:

1. Use a curling iron. Wrap the hair loosely around the heating element and hold for a few seconds. Be careful not to hold it for too long or you will damage your hair.

2. Use straightening irons. Wrap the hair around them and twist. It will take some getting used to but once you have got the technique, you will find it easy.

3. Scrunch your hair up using holding products. This will give you messy, casual look that is part way between waves and curls. Use something that will hold the style solidly in place.

If you create curls using a heated appliance, run your hands through the curls afterwards to make them loose and flowing.

Buying Shampoos and Conditioners Online

Buying shampoos and conditioners online can be far more convenient than going into a salon to purchase them. You can have them delivered to your home or work address whenever you want. It can also be a good way of getting hold of hair products cheaply, and buying in bulk may also make the prices lower for you.

If you are considering buying any hair products online, it is advisable to buy from a trusted retailer. Don’t buy from websites that aren’t verified. The products you buy may not be genuine, or they might be old stock and could be out of date. This could actually cause damage to your hair and may significantly fade any colours you have had applied.

The best option is to buy directly from a salon. Many salons have online stores, so you can still shop via the internet. The products you receive will be verified, high quality and good for your hair.

Temporary Hair Colours for Kinder Colouring

Hair can really take a beating when you colour it constantly. This is especially true if you have a colour applied on a regular basis and also if you decide to change it regularly. Choose a semi-permanent colour if you want to be as kind to your hair as possible.

Your hairdresser will be able to advise you further on how to look after a semi-permanent colour. The downside is that they aren’t going to last as long so they will require more care if you want to keep them looking good. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated for coloured hair and cover your hair up when you are outdoors in the sun.

Semi-permanent or temporary colours will also allow you to decide on whether you like a colour before you have it put on permanently. Play around with some shades to see what suits you and your hairstyle.

Having a Hair Treatment in a Salon

Salon hair treatments are much better than those you can buy and apply yourself at home. They will use much better ingredients and they will be much more beneficial for your hair. If you are struggling with dry, damaged hair, ask your stylist about having a treatment applied at your next appointment.

Treatments can be used for man different reasons. Some will help to make your colour last longer, whereas others will simply make your hair soft and shiny. They don’t have to be too expensive either. Sometimes, you may decide to go home with a treatment on your hair rather than having it blow dried and styled. You will be able to leave it on for longer, meaning it can do more good work for your hair. You will be able to wash it out when you are ready and your hair will feel amazing. Just remember to cover your hair before you leave.