Temporary Hair Colours for Kinder Colouring

Hair can really take a beating when you colour it constantly. This is especially true if you have a colour applied on a regular basis and also if you decide to change it regularly. Choose a semi-permanent colour if you want to be as kind to your hair as possible.

Your hairdresser will be able to advise you further on how to look after a semi-permanent colour. The downside is that they aren’t going to last as long so they will require more care if you want to keep them looking good. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated for coloured hair and cover your hair up when you are outdoors in the sun.

Semi-permanent or temporary colours will also allow you to decide on whether you like a colour before you have it put on permanently. Play around with some shades to see what suits you and your hairstyle.

Having a Hair Treatment in a Salon

Salon hair treatments are much better than those you can buy and apply yourself at home. They will use much better ingredients and they will be much more beneficial for your hair. If you are struggling with dry, damaged hair, ask your stylist about having a treatment applied at your next appointment.

Treatments can be used for man different reasons. Some will help to make your colour last longer, whereas others will simply make your hair soft and shiny. They don’t have to be too expensive either. Sometimes, you may decide to go home with a treatment on your hair rather than having it blow dried and styled. You will be able to leave it on for longer, meaning it can do more good work for your hair. You will be able to wash it out when you are ready and your hair will feel amazing. Just remember to cover your hair before you leave.

Tips for Buying The Right Hair Care Products Northampton

Having healthy and shiny hair is everyone’s dream. But with thousands of hair care products out there to choose from, choosing the right product can be tough. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to finding the right hair care products so you don’t end up with damaged hair. To assist you, here are tips to keep in mind when buying haircare products Northampton.  Continue reading

Getting your Hair Ready for Spring

Spring is a time when lots of us change our wardrobes and change our hair to get ready for the warmer weather. Spring might be the perfect time to get that hairdo you have been thinking about all through the winter so if you fancy a change, why not speak to your stylist and get started? Here are some ideas for perfect sunny weather hair:

  • Get layers cut in. This will help to lighten your hair and make it easier to manage, so it’s perfect for hotter temperatures. It may also mean that you can style your hair into curls or waves, meaning you don’t have to straighten and blow dry your hair when it is just far too hot to do so.
  • Have a complete restyle. Keep cool in spring by getting a bob or shorter hairstyle cut in. If you’re feeling brave you could even get something like a pixie cut.
  • Get highlights. Golden and caramel tones will look beautiful in darker hair and will really lighten it up. They will bleach up more in the sun, so make sure you look after your highlights with lots of nourishing conditioners and treatments.