Dip Dye Your Hair

  1. You first need to decide if you’re going to bleach your hair. You’ll need to bleach your hair first, especially if you already have dark hair and want a more vibrant colour. I
  2. Put a hair band on your hair a few centimetres above the area where you want the dip dye colour to start and begin applying the bleach with a tint brush. If you fan your hair out and do a small strand at a time you’ll get more even coverage, also try and feather where the bleach stops a little if you don’t want a straight line, this will make it look more professional.
  3. Wash out the bleach and shampoo but make sure that you DON’T condition your hair. If you do condition then it may prevent the dye from sticking.
  4. Blow dry your hair and once it’s dry you can add the dye. Put a hair band on your hair just above the area you wish to dye. Using a tint brush, apply the dye everywhere that the bleach has lightened. It’s best to go a little bit over the line and get some dye on the unbleached hair just to make sure the colour blends in.
  5. Leave the dye on for the recommended amount of time and then rinse , shampoo and condition.
  6. Blow dry for a perfect finish.