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Male Hair trends And Looking To the Next Big Thing

There haven’t been all that many dramatic changes with male hair trends in quite a few years; the classic cut has been around for a while; hair pushed back or to the side. Now guys are expecting something big for the new year, something more exaggerated and edgy and its going to be all about the fringe.

What 2014 entails will be hair which continues to boast short back and sides, with the crown also being short so that the length at the front is enhanced, being heavier and longer. Some guys will keep it looking classic but some will cut and style it in extreme ways with colour, gel and styling.

The length in the front will be what makes a difference to this style. Guys who are receding at the front will love this new look because it actually covers up the problem without looking like they are trying to hide it. Add some highlights to the front, either opting for some chunky colour or just lighting up the ends. Get this guys; this exciting style is literally a big thing for the new year.