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Going from long to short hair

It takes a really bold decision to switch hair styles, and the reaction is likely to depend on just how big the difference will be. Many women opt to go from long hair to short, but it must be said that it takes some guts, especially considering the time it will take for the hair to grow back.

If you’ve been growing you hair for a long time and you fancy a change, then perhaps it’s a good idea not to go too short. This is because you may find that you hate your new style, and you’re then going to dislike the style for months and months.

If you begin by cutting your hair down a little and a little, then you may find the transition a little easier to take. The switch to short hair is not exactly uncommon, but you don’t want to find that you dislike it so consider a big change such as this one carefully because your hair will take a while to grow back if you make the wrong decision!

The Ombre Hair Style

More women are opting for a different style this year, and it’s known as the Ombre hair style. It’s a form of dip-dyeing, therefore making your hair two toned, or occasionally with several colours.

The Ombre style involves lighter colours at the bottom of the hair and  the darker more natural colours at the top. The Ombre look is usually only sported on a female with long heir, perhaps down to the shoulders, allowing for more of a fade between the two colours.

Bold colours are recently being used in this Ombre style, and it celebrities such as Jaime King have flaunted blue dip dye.

More and more people have opted for the Ombre style, and there are no signs that it is going away anytime soon. So if you’re looking for a fresh look and you want to keep up with the latest hair trends, then get the Ombre hair style, just make sure you choose your dip dye colour wisely. You may wish to start off with a subtle colour to see if you like it before moving on to any of the more vibrant colours. Good luck!

A Guide to Taking Care of Your Hair

There are several sites that offer affordable hair care in Northampton. These incredible services include waxing, hair textural, perm, cuts, relaxers, styling and more. Choosing the best curls salon or clinic can be challenging process, especially where one is looking for these services for the first time. It is advisable to look for both experienced and skilled professionals who can straighten the curls using the modern technology for the best results. Note that a stylist understands clients’ challenges and worries as well. They are ready to help their clients achieve their wonderful look, and hair style they have been looking for.

Hair care is one of the crucial aspects that one needs to look into in order to maintain both healthy and beautiful tresses. If an individual has shinny curls, then it is good sign that he or she is in healthy condition. Many people think that healthy hair style or shaving is enough to make them attractive. However, there are other things that good looking tresses can do, apart from elegant look. It has been proven that well kept locks can make a person feel nice and positive. Continue reading

Does Lengthening Your Hair Help Cover Baldness?

There’s a common myth regarding baldness, where it’s said that you should grow your hair longer if you’re losing hair to cover any baldness. Is such a claim true? Find out more below.

The idea makes sense, as longer hair would mean that the length is more likely to cover the balding spots. Hairdressers say the opposite to this logic though, as they claim that growing your hair long means that it will separate. This means that there will be a section which goes straight down to the scalp.

Avoid growing your hair too long. Instead consider cutting your hair short but not too short. It should have enough length for a hair to cover the next, creating a feathering effect.

Hairdressing Refferals – Key to Success

We’ve all experienced hair salons, strolled into a beauty parlor thoughtlessly, or after seeking out a hair salon, you just walked into the nearest one and walked out with the worst haircut ever.

With experiences as this, how should you look for a hairdresser who will not make you feel like you instantly need a makeover?

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to find somebody a place you have just moved into or is trying to look for a replacement, right here are a few tips on how to look for the best hair salons in Northants:

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ have, actually, altered the way we do things, and discovering a hair salon is among them. In just minutes, you can reach hair salons in Northants area through working your way online. In no time, you can acquire the name, web site, contact number, and even the fan page of a salon.
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