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Does Lengthening Your Hair Help Cover Baldness?

There’s a common myth regarding baldness, where it’s said that you should grow your hair longer if you’re losing hair to cover any baldness. Is such a claim true? Find out more below.

The idea makes sense, as longer hair would mean that the length is more likely to cover the balding spots. Hairdressers say the opposite to this logic though, as they claim that growing your hair long means that it will separate. This means that there will be a section which goes straight down to the scalp.

Avoid growing your hair too long. Instead consider cutting your hair short but not too short. It should have enough length for a hair to cover the next, creating a feathering effect.

Hairdressing Refferals – Key to Success

We’ve all experienced hair salons, strolled into a beauty parlor thoughtlessly, or after seeking out a hair salon, you just walked into the nearest one and walked out with the worst haircut ever.

With experiences as this, how should you look for a hairdresser who will not make you feel like you instantly need a makeover?

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to find somebody a place you have just moved into or is trying to look for a replacement, right here are a few tips on how to look for the best hair salons in Northants:

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ have, actually, altered the way we do things, and discovering a hair salon is among them. In just minutes, you can reach hair salons in Northants area through working your way online. In no time, you can acquire the name, web site, contact number, and even the fan page of a salon.
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Hair Styling Tips For Fine Hair

Styling fine hair isn’t easy. The hair can look limp, frizzy, whilst you also have the added worry of trying to make your hair look like it has volume. Below are a few tips we think can help.

  • If you have a problem straightening your hair, don’t use a hair straightener. We recommend you use a blow-dryer and paddle hair brush as this will give the body of hair a filled finish.
  • When you blow-dry your hair, the best way to get volume is by standing upright and pulling your hair straight up at the roots. This will create firmer tension, giving more lift.
  • If you have problems with your hair not holding a style well, then use hair mousse beforehand.

Best Ways To Keep Your Nails Healthy

Who doesn’t want clean, strong nails? It’s surprising that most people seem to be unaware that a healthy diet effects nails just as much any treatments used.

If you wear nail varnish and it’s chipping away, make sure to remove the nail varnish and let your nails breathe for a few hours before adding another layer again. Some people don’t remove the remaining nail varnish before adding a new layer and this is very bad, which could lead to your nails yellowing.

You should also regularly trim your nails. Chipped edges only cause more breakages, so if you want to main the length you can but make sure to make the nails even and smooth. We’d recommend a nail file for evening out the nails after a cut.

Mistakes To Avoid When Straightening Your Hair

Here are a few common mistakes people make when straightening their hair. If you commit one of them, cut it out!

Don’t think that conditioning/shampooing your hair will actually give you straight hair as it won’t. It may help with preparing with the process though. Also remember not to towel dry your hair thoroughly, instead choose the pat downwards technique.

When in the process of straightening your hair, if you see steam and/or sizzle have a look at the situation. Make sure your hair is dry when you straighten, if not this could be the reason for the sizzle.

It’s not necessary to straighten the same part of your hair more than once. It all comes down to tension.